2nd Bihar Innovation Forum

The 2nd Bihar Innovation Forum (BIF II) is being organized in 2013. Given JEEViKA’s goal of reaching 1.5 crore or 15 million rural, poor households in Bihar, BIF II will play a critical role in achieving rural livelihoods improvement at this grand scale by facilitating integration of innovations from key livelihood sectors. The 8 livelihood themes that BIF II will focus on include:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Livestock
  3. Financial services
  4. Rural energy
  5. ICT bases solutions
  6. Skill development & Non-farm sector
  7. Access to public entitlements
  8. Access to services

In comparison to the 1st Bihar Innovation Forum (BIF I) which focused on innovations from within Bihar only, BIF II has an expanded pan India scope and will consider innovations and rural solutions from across the country. Therefore, BIF II will have a two-pronged approach:


(i) Support to high impact innovations from across India with potential for replicating and scaling up in Bihar: High impact innovations in the 8 livelihood themes that can lead to sustainable and scalable rural livelihood solutions and have the potential to be replicated in Bihar will be identified through a pan India call for proposals. Emphasis will be given to interventions that target the poor and the marginalized and that have shown a demonstrable impact. Only registered organizations from public, private and civil society organizations may apply under this category. Entries under this category will be accepted only through the online application process.

To apply, please click here. For details on the eligibility guidelines for this category, please click here.


(ii) Support to grassroots innovations from within Bihar: Grassroots innovations emerging from the community of Bihar, which may be in early stages of development or may have been implemented at a small scale, will be identified through district innovation forums organized in 9 divisional headquarters in the state. Both Individuals and organizations may apply under this category. Applications will be received through call for proposal by publishing news paper advertisement and scouting. For more details on the grassroots innovations category, please click here Grass Root Innovations - Bihar


BIF II offers an unparalleled opportunity to transform the lives and livelihoods of the rural poor in Bihar. Winners will be provided a range of support services including financial and implementation support and linkages to other partners like impact investors, foundations, mentoring and incubation agencies. For more information on benefits for winners, please click here.