ICT Based Solutions

Promoting access to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in rural areas has been identified as an important tool to strengthen livelihoods and alleviate poverty. ICTs can overcome many infrastructural constraints and bridge the digital divide - through their use, rural communities can find new income earning opportunities, improve the delivery of basic services and enhance their participation in decision-making processes. In Bihar, ICT has just begun to make its presence felt in various sectors of the rural areas.

JEEViKA has been promoting greater use of ICTs to help bring about social transformation by providing easy access to people, services, information and other desired technologies. For instance, through a partnership with Digital Green, ICTs such as participatory video will be used to improve agriculture extension for poor, rural farmers.
In order to harness the highly empowering effect that ICTs can have on mainstreaming rural populations, JEEViKA seeks to identify and support various innovative applications across the 8 livelihood themes, which may include the use of mobile phones, internet, satellite maps of natural resources, etc. These ICTs may serve as an instrument of awareness creation and feedback; as a channel of delivery of e-government services including health and education; as well as a catalyst for facilitating e-commerce that can significantly reduce transaction costs across the board.