Skill Development and Non-Farm Sector

The skills and non-farm sector holds the key to faster economic development of the country. It has great potential to generate employment and increase incomes in the rural areas. In Bihar, a large part of the workforce is employed in the agriculture sector, which for many job seekers offers only seasonal employment and for others none at all. The effect of this un- and under-employment is seen in the fact that a large part of the workforce in Bihar works as unskilled labor in the unorganized sector. Very few acquire formal skills or training before entering the job market and are therefore prone to exploitation. Lack of opportunities also sees them forming a significant proportion of unskilled migrant labor around the country.

JEEViKA has undertaken several initiatives to increase the employability of the poor, especially the youth, and empower them through to skill upgradation, formal training and vocational education. Over 100 trained community level job counselors facilitate skilled private sector jobs for the poor rural youth, as a result of which, over 5000 youth have been placed in jobs. Focus on the non-farm sector also mitigates the unpredictability of agriculture caused by floods, droughts and other weather variations. 
To further its objective of transforming unskilled labor into skilled human resources and helping the state to reap the benefits of the demographic dividend, JEEViKA will support innovative approaches to professional and skill training in modern and market driven professions in various sectors including manufacturing, processing and service sector activities including cottage, village, tiny industries, rural artisans and crafts. Equal importance will be given to accreditation, certification and placement processes.