Access to services

Access to basic services such as education, health, water and sanitation are essential for ensuring sustainable rural development and a satisfactory quality of life for the rural population. However, currently, there is a severe lack of availability and access to adequate, affordable and quality basic services in the rural areas of India including Bihar.

JEEViKA has been supporting interventions that facilitate better access to basic services through partnerships with both the public and private sector that helps the rural poor to achieve a better quality of life, reduces vulnerability and develops their overall potential and gives them the ability to contribute not only in their own well being, but also to the development of their community. For instance, an intervention was piloted in partnership with “Janani” a social enterprise that ensured access to affordable reproductive health services to communities. As a part of this intervention, trained community health workers facilitated the access of SHG members to professional health services at the block and district level. They also provided basic services such as testing blood pressure, sugar levels and pregnancy to the households at their doorstep at reasonable rates. In addition they also mobilised SHG households for health checkups offered through the mobile vans that have a doctor and offer testing facilities for HIV rapid test, Kala Azar, TB etc. once a fortnight.
Recognizing that access to basic services can significantly improve the living conditions in rural areas and strengthen the human resource base which can in turn contribute significantly to the overall growth and development of these areas. JEEViKA seeks to support innovative solutions that enable better access to services across nutrition, health, water, sanitation, education and other related sectors through both public and private sector providers.