Kid’s health – skin care tips for young kids


The skin is the first line of defense of an individual. This explains why it is important to take good care of your skin and protect it against any external effects. The skin is more tender and delicate when a person is younger and therefore needs extra care. It is also the joy of any parent to see the skin of their young ones healthy and glowing. In order to have this, one has to take extra responsibility to ensure a healthy skin. Here are some skin care tips for young kids.

Skin care tips for young kids

Avoid direct sunlight

Sunlight is good because it gives vitamin D which is good for the skin. However, when the skin is exposed to direct sunlight, it risks being affected by the direct ultraviolet rays which are harmful. Mothers are advised to bask under a shade or when the sun is not overhead. This will reduce direct sunlight that is harmful to the skin. One can use sunscreen creams if their children are exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.


Hydrate regularly

Water plays a key role in keeping the skin healthy. Kids are advised to hydrate regularly especially during the day when they are active. This can be done by regularly drinking water to enable the skin to stay hydrated. When you are dehydrated, your skin wrinkles and may break. This makes it vulnerable to disease-causing germs. A healthy and hydrated skin has self-defensive mechanisms that will protect itself through excretion of wastes and self-oiling.

Use natural oils

You can get a plethora of skin products in the market today. However, it is essential for one to do some background check before settling on the product that you use on your child’s skin. Products from natural plants such as Aloe Vera are good for the skin. On the other hand, there are skin care products that are a result of chemicals that have been mixed to achieve a certain function. As a parent, one has to be careful on the skin products that they use on their children.

Do regular massages

One of the ways to ensure that your kid’s skin is smooth and glowing is to massage it regularly. Coconut oil is the best bet for this massage. This can be done at least once a week. Regular massages do improve not only the quality of the skin texture but also strengthens the bones. It also opens up the pores of the skin for aeration.

Balanced diet

Your kid’s diet will determine the condition of the health and by extension the state of their skin. A balanced diet for a kid should include vegetables, cereals, and fruits. Such meals will help to boost the immunity of the child and prevent skin infections. The fruits have antioxidants that prevent the skin from cracking and enhancing the complexion. The fruits can either be eaten raw or blended to make fruit juices.

Skincare is a lifetime activity. One has to monitor their skin and take precautionary measures to ensure their skin is healthy. If they suspect any unusual lesions or abnormality, they should seek the advice of a dermatologist.