Reasons to vaccinate your kids

Vaccination is the injection of either a dead or even weakened virus in the body of an individual so that the body’s immune system is prepared to fight against a future attack of that particular disease. It is hence advisable that vaccination should be done at early ages of a child usually below two years old for most diseases. This is because, a newborn is exposed to thousands of germs and do not have protective bodies against diseases such as diphtheria, whooping cough, polio, tetanus and hepatitis B.

Why vaccination is important

Vaccination saves the life of your childknskdnvksndvknsvksndvksndvksnvknsvksnvksdvsdvsdv

Saving life is the primary reason for immunization. Tuberculosis and tetanus are among the deadliest diseases in the world that through vaccination they have been prevented from spreading and attacking our children. A child who is not vaccinated against these diseases stands in the risk of obtaining them. The conditions finally result to death due to the lack of the vaccine that would fight against them.

Vaccination saves you future costs

A child who is not vaccinated against the mandatorily vaccinated diseases faces the risk of obtaining the conditions in the future. Most of these diseases cost the family of the diseased a lot of money due to the high medical bills and the cost of buying medicine. Hence, vaccination helps one escape from these high costs of treatment. This is as a result of the vaccine in the body that immediately reacts against the virus preventing the disease from entering the body.

Vaccination prevents the spread of diseases to future generations

Some of these diseases spread so fast from one person to another such as whooping cough. Vaccinating your kids against some of these commonly transmitted diseases saves them from contracting such deadly diseases. Also, vaccination saves the life of the future generation since continuous treatment prevents the spread and also leads to extinction.

Vaccination keeps your child healthy

Diseases such as polio cause disability in theknsdkvnksdnvksnvksndvsdvsdvsdv body if there is no vaccination against it. Its symptoms include high fever, paralysis, and death of the affected. Vaccinating your child against polio saves them these struggles and keeps them healthy and active.

In conclusion, vaccinating your kids against the diseases mentioned above saves them and yourself from future adverse effects that come as a result of failure to protect them against such common diseases.